May 28, 2011


bye bye Chik-fil-a, Subway and Backyard Burger. You have been out-classed and out-priced. Your services are no longer needed. Have a nice day.


Re: Apology for movie ticket email

I will tag along with this email. If you got one from me, I too apologize. Same story.

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 1:28 PM, Andrew Beauchamp <> wrote:
Hello All,

In error I emailed my whole contact list about free movie tickets. This is not technically spam, for I suppose if you care to follow the instructions you would indeed get some tickets. However, I did not mean to send that email. Please accept my apology for this careless error. Have a good day!


- Harry

Apology for movie ticket email

Hello All,

In error I emailed my whole contact list about free movie tickets. This is not technically spam, for I suppose if you care to follow the instructions you would indeed get some tickets. However, I did not mean to send that email. Please accept my apology for this careless error. Have a good day!


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click HERE if you want to see sweet videos of my barbershop quartet Instant Message.


In case anyone is wondering why I never post's because
my life is SO BORING.


because I "cannot" go to sleep right now, and Mama isn't awake to sing Kentucky Babe to me, I decided to write to you instead.
[[[it's not going to help me go to sleep, I don't think, but maybe it will tire my not-so-sleepy little eyeballs, which have had a very long day. a good day, but a long day. i decided to go into work at 730 instead of the usual 8 and get a jump on my duties, which I did - well, I didn't actually jump on my duties. that would have been an expensive mistake. not only would that have involved jumping on my laptop computer, I probably would have been fired for doing it. talk about expensive. so I take it back, I didn't jump on my duties.
i did, however, recently resolve to start jumping a rope regularly. i have a jump rope I bought at Target probably last summer and has been in my dror ever since then. my initial inspiration was brought about last winter by a georgia peach. only now am i getting around to it. see how inspired i was? rope jumping, i hear, is a very good exercise. but so far, the only exercise I have received from it was in patience. i always thought rope jumping was a holy sport! (no, i didn't, i was being sarcastic. and i don't even think it's a sport. so just scratch that sentence. badly done, drewba, badly done.)
(btw, you can't call me drewba. only one person calls me that and it ain't you. probably.) (but you can take your pick of these: drew, andy, crandrew, drewbagger, fezzik, androphenese, or Captain Awesome.)
enough about me. This post is officially about Chloe Carol Guess. ]]]
You know, just thinking about posting is making me feel sleepy. Forget this, I'm going to sleep. It sure seemed like a Good Idea at the time.


The Target down the street from work sells Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas in its food court, the pepperoni variation of which I tried last week and liked very much. So for lunch yesterday I ventured out to prove the quality of the specimen of interest or expose its lack of consistency in the same regard. Following the procurement procedures, which were, compared to, say, Burger King, kind to my wallet's prosperity, I secured a seat at the window bar, allowing me a jumbo-tron-sized view of the parking lot.

Among other things, the parking community is a good genre of people to consider if you are looking for a some visually abundant grazing grounds. At least in the Target parking community (at least, because the variation might not be quite so considerable at Belson's) members come in an amusing variation of shapes, sizes, personalities, temperances and most affecting - beauty skills. Yep - I noticed - some make you look twice with wonder, and others make you look twice. with wonder. Admit it. either. both. you've all been there.

Of course you've been to Target. I know that. But you probably didn't know that if you ate at their window bar, you should be charging them at least $50/hour. In my case, I paid them $5/hr for me to sit at the window bar and generate probably 10 times that in cash for them. Methodically devouring (is this possible? probably - I did it) those 4 pizza pies, long cheese string by long cheese string, just advertising how much I was lovin it to the whole Target Parking Community. When it hit me, I immediately felt used. duped. cheated. Am I EVER goin back?


I just can't put "you know it" here because it would be cliche and much much too predictable. You knew it before I [would have] said it. But did you know I wasn't going to say it?



Harris's 16th birthday party offered many opportunities for fun and laughter, the least of which was certainly not THE BROOM DANCE. Watch each one in order. You'll be glad you did.

Michael Chunn
Julia Jones
John Hill


Having heard the name, but not the voice, I decided to give Justin Bieber's top hit, "Baby" a run and see what all the commotion is about. Striking me particularly humorously was the fact that the pictures portraying the top three related artists were Kesha, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus who each happen to share one strikingly noticeable attribute. Just thought I'd point it out.


that's me on the 5th floor. except that it's not right now because I'm taking the picture. well, not right now i'm not taking the picture, but. whatever.

Tuesday I started Chapter One (in The Many Merry Comedies, Tragedies and Adventures of Androph in International Paper Forest) in which Androph Secures A GenuINE Full-time Job And Learns What It Means To Be A Peon In the Business World. I remain joyfully awed by God’s provisions in this matter. I am particularly relieved, emotionally, spiritually, historically, technically, really, philosophically and ecumenically, to be working for one of the Most Ethical Companies in the world. So relieved, that I will be able to rest in peace through the night knowing that, while we still chop down trees at the ankles and by the miles day after day; strip, boil, and grind their flesh to a pulp, just like Dunder Mifflin and every other paper company in the world, at least we do it with Compassionate Hearts and Tender Care.

On this, my third day, I sensed for the first time that I had any understanding of what was rushing in one ear and out the other, as they say. Imagine a small open-ended PVC pipe running through my head, auris to auris, and dust-like particles with foreign-worded, technically-termed labels, skipping along through it, floating in the air. Now imagine little brain-hands inside the tube gaspilly grasping at the particles, trying desperately to just touch the hem of their little techno-utility kilts, much less be able to feel confident wearing one. And then, once or twice in a blue moon (I surely hope MY brain-hands don't take this expression seriously or else I'll be up a creek trying to get promoted and the closest

Pierre's Pert-Near-Perfect Paddles Provisions

is far from within reachin distance) they manage to capture one of these Rare and Intimidating Particles. The light which illuminates the skeleton of this machine called International Paper is beginning to shine my way, photon by 669,600,000 mph photon. Poor little brain-hands. They have a seemingly insurmountable task before them. BUT - with the help of the Creator of all the brain-hands of all the earth, we shall eventually harvest enough to prosper.


The Tears Have Left Mine Eyes

We sang this for Kathryn at her 24th Birthday Party. For you barbershop enthusiasts, I realized later that I forgot the lead hanger. But it still sounds pretty good. thanks to for Rufenacht for the video.



It is not merciful to look through time and choose an elect based on their good works. That is cause and effect. Scripture is full of references to the mercy of God. The ideas do not mix. Mercy indicates a salvation from a wrath deserved. To say God chose based on your prospective work denies the originality of God's election decision. Rewarding is not original - it is based on the recipient's deserving action. But mercy is original. There is no deserving action. Just the opposite of deserving action. God rewarded Christ by having mercy on the elect.


Since November 09, the date of my last post, the earth spinned 121 times, a college diploma bearing my name was printed, Southwest flew me 1560 miles and I drove in my car 3400 more. I saw Harry Connick, Jr. in concert, became a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and secured my first permanent full-time job.

I remain unconvinced that I have the will to express in this format. Sometimes when I don't have the perfect platform, I wish I did, and then when I have any platform I don't want to use it. This is, I suppose, merely an exhibition of the variance in life, which we witness regularly in many aspects. Those habits which do not of themselves represent a principle, moral or absolute standard (in as much as one desires the standard to be absolute in his own life), have the liberty to fluctuate with circumstances, and not be guilty of betrayal to righteousness. My metronomic nature towards blogging is an example of this.

On the other hand, my metronomic nature towards regular Bible reading is an example of an inexcusable habit which is not free to wave with the wind of circumstance, because it is founded on the principle that regular Bible reading is paramount to godly living. Godly living is not an option. Because, by the goodness of God, I have a regenerated soul, it is an ever-present standard which demands the coordination of the circumstances of my life.

I think that I should like to do some more blogging.


wondering if i have sentenced me to death.


Had the pleasure of Dan, Lynn and Claire Bruce popping in on their way to Franklin, TN - in which Logan, Roy, Harris, Claire and I made a midnight Bryan's-chili-finding expedition to Kroger and proceeded to make fun with grocery carts, camera, and cakes. 


A beautiful day in the neighborhood in which I did something I almost never do and studied for a test a week in advance and to top it all off I won a contest over at the Beehive, and to top all that off, the Phillies whooped the Pinstripes in Game 1 of the World Series tonight!


This week I got my second wing in school which I badly needed - I am remotivated to secure an A in each of my classes for this, my last semester. 


Over the course of the weekend, my laptop was finally overtaken with a disease that has been relentlessly attacking it and BASICALLY what it did was kill the receiver for the battery cord - which means that replacing the battery won't help and replacing the cord won't help, which means that I might have to buy a new computer, but more distressingly is the fact that there is stuff on my laptop I need access to but it won't even turn on!!!!


I am discovering Antonio Vivaldi and really really like his music. VIVA LA VIVALDI!


Mediocrely performed on a test, Granny celebrated 90 years of life, Brother Guna preached tonight, and Michael Jones presented himself for membership in the church (which we enthusiastically approved), - a very good day.


That being said, something about being a loss-prevention officer who can't pursue loss-inhibitors doesn't quite make sense. I suppose, as the trite saying says, " your presence is present enough."


This might surprise you, but I would side with Walmart on this, inasmuch as I would defend the no-chase policy. The gent said "If he'd pull a knife on two security guards, he'd pull a knife on anyone." Maybe, but it's quite apparent that he pulled the knife only because you chased him. It being a non-rehirable offense might be pretty stiff, but I'm not going to spend any more brain time deciding that point.


Over the Smokeys and through the Bluegrass to Cincy Ohio I go....


When I get a place of my own, I will make one wall in the house a whiteboard - you know, the kind for which you use dry-erase markers?


I am depressed by my blog when I go over to beatrice's - it makes me want to give up sentencing you to death.


wrote 5 letters in the last 36 hours - wonderful stuff!


studied a lot and watched baseball playoffs


Baesball playoffs are here!!! ::and there was GREAT rejoicing::


Went with Bro Zack to see Sis. Nell, who was doing relatively well, and then went to the Choral Sampler at school, afterwhich many of us watched Wait Until Dark at Joe's.


Led devotion for school lads and lassies in lieu of Bro. Zack who was out of town for the morning; engaged in my first Toastmasters meeting at school, ran 4 miles, Symphony Chorus, stayed up till 12 on the phone when I was planning on going to bed at 10.